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When Tony says “I love you tons” she says
“I LOVE YOU 3000”

Speculations on what it is means:

  • “When Tony says 'I love you tons' she says 'I love you 3000' A ton is 2000 pounds. Saying I love you 3000 means she loves him more”
  • The line is a reference to the total runtime of all 22 of the marvel cinematic universe movies that have released over the years.

 The Truth:

Co-director Anthony Russo told us "That line is actually something Robert brought to the film. He said that one of his children once told him, 'I love you 3000.' We told the story to the screenwriters, and eventually it became a line in the script."

Originally, the line was supposed to be: "I love you tons," with "I love you tons," as Morgan's reply. But McFeely revealed at an event in New York City, that they changed it so Morgan would reply in the same way that RDJ's children do in real life.